"Freedom and Liberty is my Character." Ataturk
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For those who have not heard of it before: in a nutshell, Ataturkism leads to peace, secular social state, equality, freedom and entrepreneurship!



My new book explains how the bankers and their corporate cronies win even when you refuse to participate! Learn why and how 8 people have more wealth than 3600000000 people (reference data here)

The story of the American Dream: From 1899 till today:
Stay home but don't stay hungry!

At least 8, probably 200+ years overdue! Bailouts mean bankers stay on top of the economy regardless of their failure, like masters!

Part of "The Way Forward in 6 Steps"

Bankers and robots society, unemployment in capitalism May 25, 2016

LATEST: Major company CEO: Robots will take over UK skyscaper construction soon! September 29, 2016

Not just robots, AI too: Artificially intelligent judge can predict court decisions with high accuracy October 28, 2016

Major news on Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Genetics, Biotechnology October 28,2016

- If you want to support small businesses, entrepreneurship, justice and social justice END the tiranny of the bankers, their puppet politicians and their lying media (=capitalism)! Support the people and not the bankers/big corporations!

- END ONGOING PRIVATE BANK BAILOUTS! Goes on nonstop since 2008, 8 years now. Whoever supports capitalism should pay for the wealth of the private bankers!

- Thinking a 17th century system, capitalism, can solve 21st century problems is similar to trying 17th century medical practice today, like bleeding people to death as treatment.

- Better to support ideas and find out who's sincerely defending them than be loyal to political parties and leaders. Otherwise it's Western Politicks, demockracy, shamlections again and again.

Smoking kills, capitalism kills many more! And unfortunately it is more difficult to quit capitalism than smoking.

If you want to END

- The threat of WW3
- Wars, especially in MENA
- Extreme inequalities and poverty
- Injustice


- Freedom
- Democracy
- Fair markets
- Jobs

End Capitalism by burying it!

Ataturkist Manifesto: End Capitalism for Freedom and Peace

(Manifesto of a Real Ataturkist) by Mehmet Kurtkaya

Access the whole Manifesto on this website in one short free ebook!
(Only the manifesto and not the articles, graphics or news links!)

I started writing the core of my Ataturkist Manifesto in early 2008.

I had been telling anyone who would listen that capitalism was about to crash terminally since June 2007! Unfortunately, nobody listened as they were all Western educated/brainwashed, Western media-drugged people whose salary depended on their not understanding it. With the political and financial events unfolding before anyone giving an eye, I was sure and certain about the terminal fall of capitalism in March 2008.

Now in 2016, with negative interest rates and neverending bank bailouts, it is a mathematical certainty! Read more in the Introduction

21st century West
Capitalism is as dead as Adam Smith, famed author of economy novels.

What is capitalism?
Hint: It is not what you think!

What does capitalism terminally failed mean?
You can learn sooner

Western Governments
Who owns them?

Western Politics
Fake Left tells Right: "Don't whip the slaves too hard!"

Western Media
Tells its audience: "Don't let the truth deceive you!"

Western Academics
The West will run out of tanks before it runs out of think-tanks!

Western Justice

The Future (Coming soon)
People are stuck with the false propaganda: "If not capitalism, then what else, communism?" as if there are only two econopolitical systems.

There is life after capitalism, a better life!

Ataturkist economics is what nations can study and build upon according to their own culture and resources, AFTER capitalism. A sustainable future for the world is only possible with Ataturk's "Peace at Home, Peace in the World" motto.

Classic News
From the Memory hole!

Capitalism is based on private bank bailouts by the people since the 1700s, but "Liberal/Classical/Capitalist economics theory" never mentions it! From WSJ: Government bailouts:a short list September, 2008

Crony capitalism is capitalism. There is no other kind, never was. See central banks since the founding of Bank of England in 1696 or the Second bank of the United States in the early 1800s. Even pro-banker Wikipedia cannot hide it.

How the FED bought The Economics profession September 2009

Oil price rigging by the banks exposed just months after interest rate rigging (LIBORgate) October 2012

Current News: @mkurtkaya

Important News & Updates

Major signs Capitalism is dead, shovel ready:

>>> Great interview: US President-elect Trump says NATO is obsolete, more countries will leave the EU

Hopefully these will happen! #EndEU, #EndNATO, #FreedomtothePeople
January 16, 2017

>>> New Year attack on Istanbul nightclub is a result of the creation of Wahabbi ISIS and Kurdish YPG/PKK separatist terrorist groups by the West to carve up a Western (Neocon/Wall Street/US/EU/Israel) controlled land out of Turkey, Iraq and Syria per already failed Neocon PNAC policies including the inhuman Iraq Wars!
January 1, 2017

>>> Russian military plane carrying world-famous Alexandrov Ensemble army choir heading to Syria crashed. My condolences to the families and the Russian people in this very sad time. December 25, 2016

>>> Russian Ambassador to Ankara, Andrei Karlov shot dead by a Turkish traitor and terrorist. Result of Western policies and their Turkish accomplices. Neocons/NATO/EU/US/Israel/Wall Street/London/ Hitlery/Soros are waging a war against Syria, Esad and Putin led Russia. Their plan has failed in Haleppo!

Turkish government is also responsible since the terrorist traitor is a Turkish police officer. Turkish media and "Wahhabi Islamist" AKP constantly stirs anti-Russia and anti Esad rhetoric since many years.

My condolences to Andrei Karlov's family, great Russian people and state. December 19, 2016

>>> Haleppo freed! Syrian president Assad and Syrian people have won with the help of Russia as well as China and Iran!

The WEST (Wall Street / London / Neocons / Soros / US / EU / Israel and their regional vassals) has lost!

Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese president Xi Jinping are humanity's hope for peace. Hopefully US president Donald Trump will join them!

Long live secular, anti-imperialist Syrian president Beshar Assad

December 14, 2016

>>> Evviva! Italians said NO! #EndEU and #EndNATO ! After Brexit and Trump, NATO/EU/London/Wall Street banker dictatorship is getting some more blowback! December 5, 2016

>>> Fidel Castro one of the most important revolutionaries who beat Western imperialism and capitalism has died. Ataturk was the first. November 26, 2016

>>> First result of Trump victory: Banker trade deals (TTIP and TTP) are dead. Wall Street bankers' and Hitlery's top lapdog Germany's Merkel accepts defeat! It's time for German people to kick out Merkel! November 19, 2016

>>> Wall Street/Neocon War criminal (Libya,Syria,Ukraine,Turkey) Hitlery Clinton has lost. Trump has won as I had predicted 6 months ago! It's a victory for people everywhere. Congratulations! The US foreign policy must change, It's time for Peace! November 9, 2016

>>> TRADEMARK THIS: Do Evil but Stealth Evil Google's strategic plan to help Hitlery Clinton November 1, 2016

>>> Two great leaders fighting Wall Street/London/Western imperialism: Putin and Maduro visited Istanbul! Russia-Turkey: Turkish Stream signed plus call for ending war in Syria October 12, 2016

> End of good Scandinavian capitalism (social democracy) lie! - Norway burning through savings October 8, 2016

>>> 630 trillions of dollars of derivatives For the bankers it's money for nothing! Who will pay? Why, the people of course: it's capitalism. September 29, 2016

>>> Terrorism supporting West (Wall Street,London,Neocons,US,EU,Israel): US gives weapons to Wahabbi terrorists in Syria against secular, elected president Assad and ISIS-US and Soros, Israel, ISIL/ISIS ties September 27, 2016

>> Just a few days after German MP says Deutsche Bank is no Lehman Deutsche Bank stocks go down Merkel has refused rumors of bank bailout but Germany will do as ordered by London bankers as usual. September 27, 2016

>> The 1st of 6 debates "Out of Capitalism in 6 Steps" was done on Twitter. #EndPrivateBankBailouts It is an open ended debate you may join with the hashtag. (Next debate will be on October 2, 10PM IST, 3PM EST with #EndTaxHavens For details see @mkurtkaya) September 25, 2016

>> Physical Gold Shortage getting worse: Deutsche Bank refuses to deliver! September 2, 2016

>>> The true story behind the start of the Western attack (Wall Street/London /Neocon/Israel/US/EU and their local dependants Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan) against secular Syria and its elected president Assad! How the West started the war against Syria August 16, 2016

>> How is capitalism not dead? Banks in the US and EU (Italy bailed out its banks AGAIN in August 2016) need ongoing UNLIMITED bailouts paid by the people around the world with taxes and increase in prices (inflation). FDIC slams biggest US banks: Capital reserves are inadequate! August 16, 2016

>>> Great news: Putin Erdogan meeting in Moscow. Hopefully this will mark the end of the Western/Wall Street/London/Neocon/US/Israel/EU war against Syria and its elected secular leader Assad! And also Turkey will start cooperating with Russia economically, politically and militarily. Cultural cooperation is much needed! August 9, 2016

>>> Failed Turkey coup was done by the Neocon/NATO/Israel/US/EU/Wall Street/London controlled Gulenists against vahabbist AKP/Erdogan brought to power by these same Western centers behind Gulenists. The reason: secular Assad/Syria was winning thanks to Russian help, so AKP/Erdogan was forced to amend its Neocon designed PNAC course of dividing up Middle Eastern countries including Turkey. July 28, 2016 #EndNATO , #EndEU

>>> TURKEY failed coup attempt: I have always been against US/Israel/EU/Wall Street/London/Neocon installed vahhabist AKP in Turkey. BUT I am against the coup! Justice and democracy that never were during the past 14 years of Erdogan led AKP and ever decreasing since WW2, must be reinstated. Unfortunately Turkey's (fake) major opposition parties are also controlled by the same Western powers as Turkish people overwhelmingly want it to be that way due to Western money, repression and culture! July 16, 2016

>>> Terrorism is a crime against humanity! France attacked again #PrayforNice This horrible crime shows people worldwide should stand united against all terrorism. Unfortunately, the West (US-Israel-EU incl. France), Turkey, Saudi, Qatar created/supports/ed wars and vahhabi/ISIS terror against secular Syria/Assad, Libya and Iraq for regime change and redrawing MENA per Neocon Wall Street/London plans. July 15, 2016

>> Corrupt and Dangerous: Fake socialist Bernie Sanders endorses Wall Street backed Neocon War Criminal Hillary Clinton (Libya,Syria wars) July 12, 2016

> Banking crisis finally reaches Germany, again! / Entire countries' financial ratings slashed at record pace July 8, 2016

>> Wall Street owned (=capitalist) US: Philando Castile, latest black man shot dead by police; in front of girlfriend and child. July 7, 2016
And terrible crimes the next day: 5 Dallas police officers shot dead by a sniper. July 8, 2016

>> Peak Western/US corruption and Justice : War Criminal (Libya, Syria wars) Neocon Hillary Clinton free to run and she still has major public support! July 6, 2016

>>> Immense tragedy caused by Wall Street/Neocon/US/EU/NATO wars in Libya, Iraq and Syria Migrant smugglers kill and sell organs of their victims, children included July 5, 2016 #EndEU, #EndNATO

Russian president Putin orders lifting of tourism ban against Turkey. June 29, 2016

Condelences for the murdered and get well wishes for the wounded in the terrorist attack by ISIS against my country, Turkey, in Ataturk airport in Istanbul. June 28, 2016

Great News! Turkey apologizes to Russia for its imperialist, NATO-like act of downing the Russian jet. Hopefully this will be the start of Turkey's cooperation with Russia (and Syria/Assad) against terrorism. June 27,2016

From Antimedia:. Israeli official: We do NOT want ISIS defeated. June 27, 2016 Revealed to large audiences in the US: ISIS is a Western/Neocon creation May 21,2016 - and supported for years by Western/Neocon controlled Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The hope of humanity for world peace is Russian president Putin and Chinese president Xi's leadership against Wall Street/London Banker/Neocon led Western aggression. Another Russia-China alliance meeting: Putin's thoughts, Xi's words from Xinhua, Visit report, Analysis from Xinhua June 25,2016

Brexit, June 24, 2016. A victory for people everywhere! Yet the next step is equally important: Bury capitalism next to Adam Smith, in Britain! #EndEU #EndNATO

How will it end ? In Hyperinflation (Shopping with wheelbarrows of cash) or Deflation (no jobs, no payment). Here's the stagflation trap in numbers: Western Central banks are printing money like there is no tomorrow, Western Government and Corporate DEBTS are exploding! June 23, 2016.

How is capitalism not dead? Medieval Feudalism is back: Anhilation of the US middle class in numbers and graphs: from 1974 to 2014 June 23, 2016.

People lining up for hard currency in London, the center of capitalism! #Brexit June 23, 2016.

Capital controls? Why not? They already exist without the name UK banks are told to model capital controls and bank runs June 23, 2016.

Industrial Production Plunges 9th straight month, 100 year record! June 15, 2016.

One EUropean bank fails, another needs urgent cash! June 12, 2016.

Former FED President says: All my Very Rich friends are hoarding cash! Here's the economic reason behind: It took 10 dollars of new debt to create 1 dollar of growth in the first quarter (US economy) June 11, 2016.

It's that time of the year, again William Banzai's visual combat artwork on Bilderberg June 11, 2016.

UK Central Bank Ex-Chief's Warning Robber barrons or Western bankers? US might ANNUL China's assets (more than 2 trillion dollars) June 9, 2016.

Nuclear War Threat: Concerned Russians warn about the Neocons' nuclear war threat AND Sane Americans agree June 5,2016.

George Carlin proven right: In the US, just like in EU's Greece, They are coming for people's pensions: 40% benefit cuts not enough! May 21,2016.

9B Scam: Theranos is fraud, company admits! Bankers' Media spin and Wall Street board, Kissenger included, exposed. May 18,2016.

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